Establishment Media Admits Americans Growing Tired Of Immigration

According to recent reports, establishment media sources are finally admitting that a majority of Americans are not in support of Joe Biden’s policies that promote increased immigration, both legal and illegal.

These acknowledgments come in the wake of a Gallup poll released on February 13th which indicates a growing trend of opposition to both legal and illegal immigration. However, it should be noted that these media acknowledgments are incomplete as they do not address the economic consequences of such policies, disregard other polls showing similar and sometimes worse results, and come after years of biased reporting in favor of progressive ideals.

“Americans turn against immigration,” read a Feb. 15 headline at Axios.

“The US economy needs immigrants. A rising share of both Democrats and Republicans don’t want them,” Insider complained in its written headline.

“Americans Are Dissatisfied With Immigrati0n: Poll,” U.S. News & World Report wrote on Feb. 13.

“American’s Pro-immigration moment wanes,” claimed the Washington Post’s Feb. 14 headline.

As Gallup found:

Since 2001, Gallup has regularly tested Americans’ views on immigration, including whether they are satisfied with current immigration levels. If they were dissatisfied, it asked whether they would like to see increased immigration or decreased immigration.

Over that span, only four times did it show less than 30 percent saying they wanted immigration decreased. All four landed during Trump’s time in office, between 2018 and when Trump departed in 2021. And since Trump left, it’s now back up to 40 percent. That’s the second-highest reading since 2012.

Sen. JD Vance (R-OH) spoke on the harm illegal immigration brings to the American people, emphasizing the economic issues it can bring when left unchecked. He pointed out that there could be up to 25 million illegal aliens currently residing in the United States, arguing that such massive numbers only exacerbate the issue of the U.S. housing shortage.

Some estimates have put the number of illegal migrants living in the U.S. as potentially higher than 25 million.

A Fox News poll that sampled 1,003 registered voters in January found a near-majority of Americans, 49%, support a decrease in government-approved legal immigration, while 43% want to see more migrants entering the country.

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