Escobar: Biden’s Border Crisis Has Reached ‘Historic Proportions’

Pressure on President Joe Biden to step up and deal with the border crisis is now coming from within his own party. Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) told CNN’s “At This Hour” that the flood of illegal migrants has become a “Western Hemispheric refugee crisis of historic proportions.”

Guest anchor Amara Walker may not have expected that response when she asked the representative about her thoughts on the Biden administration’s handling of “the surge.” The answer was telling.

Escobar gave the obligatory praise to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over his “leadership” before directly addressing the crisis.

The Democrat explained that legislation is needed to deal with the surge and called for the White House to mobilize the State Department in the same manner it utilizes DHS.

She further declared that diplomacy is needed and the situation “is not going to get better anytime soon.”

Earlier in December, Escobar warned that a “catastrophe” was forming at the border and that “people will die.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection figures showed there were a record 2.3 million border encounters in the Fiscal Year 2022. This marked a staggering increase from the incredibly high 1.7 million tallies in the previous fiscal year.

The numbers are so astronomical that even Democratic mouthpiece CNN flatly declared there is no longer a meaningful debate over whether there is indeed a “crisis.”

The outlet proclaimed in mid-December that “no one is now doubting the chaos and potential migrant surge” that would come with the expiration of Title 42 regulations.

Fortunately for both the White House and residents along the Mexican border, the U.S. Supreme Court delayed the demise of the Trump-era provision until at least February.

Many thousands of illegal migrants have been turned away at the border under the policy, which sought to protect Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. As its expiration loomed, many more thousands thronged to the Mexican side anticipating a much easier passage into the U.S.

Rep. Escobar was right to proclaim the border crisis has escalated to historic proportions. However, she stopped short of putting the blame for the fiasco squarely on the shoulders of her own party’s leader. That admission would truly have been a sign of political courage.

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