DeSantis Super PAC Releases Ad Highlighting Haley-Clinton Ties

Fight Right, the newly formed super PAC supporting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ run for president, is running a new ad highlighting the connection between former U.N. ambassador and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC) and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The ad uses the nickname “Crooked Hillary” that former president Donald Trump gave her during the 2016 election season. The ad states: “Crooked Hillary. But to Nikki Haley, she’s her role model. The reason she ran for office.”

The ad’s effectiveness comes from using direct quotes from Haley in which she praises Clinton and mentions her as the reason she got into politics.

Donald Trump used a similar tactic after Haley’s success in the second GOP primary debate sending out an email connecting Haley to Clinton.

“The reason I actually ran for office is because of Hillary Clinton…I went to Birmingham University, and Hillary Clinton was the keynote speaker on a leadership institute, and she said that when it comes to women running for office, there will be everybody that tells you why you shouldn’t but that’s all the reasons why we need you to do it,” Haley told the New York Times in a 2012 interview.

Haley’s campaign has not backed off her statements about Clinton instead assuring voters that while Clinton gave her the courage to run, they are polar opposites politically.

“Nikki Haley credited Hillary Clinton with saying young women shouldn’t listen to critics who tell them not to run for office, but that’s where the praise ended,” campaign spokesperson Olivia Perez-Cubas told NBC News.

Perez-Cubas continued, “Haley has long said she doesn’t agree with Clinton on anything, and she’d be a disastrous president. Ron DeSantis spent $100 million to end up in fifth place in New Hampshire. Now, his lies are just embarrassing for him.”

While DeSantis tries to tie Haley to Clinton in some of the early primary states, it is Donald Trump who continues to hold a commanding lead in the polls.

According to the 538 national polling average for the GOP primary, Trump is polling at 60.3% with DeSantis in second at 12.6% and Haley at 10.0%. In the early polling, DeSantis was as high as 34.3% and trailing Trump by 10 points or less.

Haley has come on strong lately, and that is the reason that DeSantis is going after her with the new ads, but to what end? At this point, the rest of the field is playing for second place and a very distant second at that.

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