Democrats’ Jan. 6 Officer Faces Backlash Over Racism Allegations

Although many leftist activists continue to portray law enforcement officers as a collective scourge on society, at least one cop has been held up as a hero by Democrats in the aftermath of last year’s Jan. 6 protest on Capitol Hill.

Michael Fanone was on duty during the demonstration and has attracted widespread media attention for publicly condemning those who participated and Republican elected leaders in general.

As it turns out, however, he appears to have a skeleton in his own closet that would seem to put him at odds with the supposedly inclusive and anti-racist left.

Nevertheless, there has been no discernible outcry from his Democratic defenders regarding a scandal involving a Black attorney in the nation’s capital.

According to a recent report, Fanone was working as a D.C. Metropolitan Police officer in 2009 when he stopped and frisked Micheal Maddox, a military veteran and respected local attorney.

Months later, Maddox’s lawyer filed a complaint alleging that he “sensed the presence of two individuals assuming aggressive positions when he was suddenly and without warning concerned and seized” by Fanone and another officer.

The other cop allegedly “shoved Maddox against a garbage dumpster and forced his arms over his head” while Fanone conducted an interrogation. According to the complaint, Maddox had been stopped for the crime of “standing while Black.”

Fanone testified during a 2013 deposition and insisted that he did not frisk Maddox, further denying any recollection of telling the attorney to stop recording the incident with his cellphone. Evidence presented by Maddox reportedly contradicted Fanone’s testimony.

Citing the officers’ “personal prejudices, biases, stereotypes, generalizations, and profiles,” Maddox’s complaint requested damages totaling $3 million. In the end, the incident resulted in a settlement that cost the district $175,000 in damages paid out to the victim.

Many of the same liberals who claim that former President Donald Trump and his supporters are inherently racist despite any compelling evidence have celebrated the post-Jan. 6 actions of Fanone, who scored a lucrative book deal as a result of his willingness to disparage the GOP.

In his book, “Hold the Line,” Fanone had the audacity to accuse law enforcement of playing “a significant part” in America’s history of racism.

“During my two decades on the force, I encountered anti-Black, anti-Muslim, anti-Asian, and anti-gay officers,” he wrote, claiming that some of his fellow officers and supervisors were White supremacists.

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