Cuomo Leaning Right As He Positions For A Comeback

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has resurfaced to criticize left-leaning Democratic policies on crime, leading to speculation about a potential political comeback. This comes after his widely criticized handling of the pandemic and his resignation from office following allegations of harassment.

According to Fox News, nearly two years after being embroiled in scandals that led to his resignation, Andrew Cuomo has adopted a position where he portrays himself as a moderate, willing to critique his own party. While not considered a conservative, he is seen as occupying a right-of-center stance within the Democratic Party.

Cuomo appears to be positioning himself as a potential contender in a U.S. Senate primary in New York. Whether the heavily Democratic stronghold would be willing to reintroduce him into office remains uncertain, as his unpopularity extends beyond the Republican Party.

The governor, tainted by scandal, hosts a weekly podcast titled “As a Matter of Fact… with Andrew Cuomo.” Launched last year alongside a political action committee (PAC) and the Gun Safe America Project, it serves as a platform for his viewpoints. In April, Cuomo released a video through Quake Media wherein he argued that Democrats have severely fallen short in effectively tackling crime in New York.

In the video, Cuomo contends that Democrats avoid discussing crime and are reluctant to acknowledge its existence.

He says, “There is no crime problem. It’s all Republican propaganda.” He went on to emphasize that over 70% of the victims of crime are from black, brown and economically disadvantaged communities. Cuomo argued that these communities are bearing the consequences of Democrats’ “far-left politics.”

Cuomo strongly criticized the “current political forces” that advocate defunding the police and implementing “tax the rich” policies. He specifically highlighted Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco as Democratic strongholds facing a surge in widely reported violent crimes. Cuomo asserted that these cities, along with escalating homelessness and overall deterioration, give the impression of being “out of control.”

Political consultant Hank Sheinkopf argues that Cuomo is employing a discernible political strategy by seemingly shifting towards a more conservative stance on certain matters.

Cuomo’s spokesperson, Rich Azzopardi, stated to Fox News regarding Cuomo’s political ambitions, “The future is the future, but for the moment, the governor has made his near-term priorities clear.”

According to Democratic strategist Jennifer Holdsworth, it might be premature for Cuomo to attempt a comeback, given the recent scandals he has faced.

“I think he has some sins that he needs to atone for, but there’s been plenty of comeback stories in New York and nationwide. He’s a very talented politician, and he still has many relationships, so while I don’t quite think the voters are ready to welcome him with open arms just yet, I would say we’ll see what the future holds,” she said.

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