Communist China Praises ‘Davos Spirit’ As Gathering Begins

At first glance, the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Davos 2023 gathering in Switzerland and the authoritarian Chinese regime would not appear to be a marriage made in heaven. But Beijing heaped nothing but praise on the “dazzling” event through its propaganda mouthpiece, the Global Times.

The outlet praised the “Davos spirit” and lauded the contributions of “China’s ideals and achievements.”

The “Davos Forum,” as the World Economic Forum’s gathering is popularly known, began on Monday. The Global Times, echoing the positions of Beijing’s communist leaders, called the WEF the “weathervane of the world’s economy.”

It declared that the group both “underscores the most prominent problems facing the world” but additionally “gives directions for solution(s).”

A tweet from the Global Times added that China finds “more like-minded friends at the WEF.”

The outlet’s editorial titled “China has always kept in step with Davos Spirit” said the Chinese Communist Party is thrilled to assume a “constructive role” in solving global problems.

A rather ironic statement considering the turmoil faced by Beijing over its draconian COVID-19 lockdowns. The communist regime only recently lifted sweeping restrictions on movement and travel after protests erupted across the country.

As for the WEF, it is well known to have many close ties with the Chinese government and is hardly a neutral organization. Its partnerships with major Chinese firms, which include the state-owned China Huaneng Group, Bank of China, and China Merchants Group, only strengthen the bonds.

The Global Times editorial trumpeted that the nation has “never missed a WEF.” It also lauded President Xi Jinping for his presence at the opening of the 2017 WEF in Davos and for delivery of an important address.

Touching on the divided world, the editorial said the “international community needs to further increase its criticism and condemnation on those who are splitting the world.”

Like, for example, China?

The CCP’s embrace of the Davos Forum is a telling reminder that the WEF is hardly a body that fights for individual freedom and democracy. Instead, it is a global cabal of elitist interests who want nothing more than to create a new world order in which the U.S. is simply a bit player.

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