CNN Facing A Defamation Lawsuit From Trump

For years on end, former President Trump has repeatedly come under attack from CNN. During this time in the White House, CNN repeatedly went after the former president by twisting his words, misrepresenting his policies, and propping up Democrats as the heroes.

This largely backfired on CNN after Trump left office though. In the past almost two years, CNN has suffered massive declines in viewership. The company is now under new management as CEO Chris Licht tries to rebrand it.

Whether or not CNN is able to eventually shed its reputation as a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party remains to be seen. Though in the meantime, the company’s facing a defamation lawsuit from Trump.

What to Know About Trump’s Lawsuit Against CNN
The former president charges CNN with spreading false information, fake news, and defaming his character. In a public announcement detailing his multimillion-dollar lawsuit, Trump pointed out that CNN has gone after not only him, but also his supporters.

Later in the announcement, Trump explained that CNN has a vested interest in him not running for office in the 2024 presidential election. Examples of intentional defamation cited by Trump include CNN referring to him as a racist and a liar.

Legal action against CNN is currently demanding hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Thus far, the network has yet to issue a public statement regarding the legal action it’s facing from the former president.

Strong Support From Trump’s Base
News of Trump suing CNN spread like wildfire across social media. Americans across the nation have expressed their support for the former president, noting that CNN could very well be forced to pay up.

Because the lawsuit against CNN also includes the network’s defamation of Trump supporters, some have said additional lawsuits against CNN could take place.

Before his statement wrapped up, Trump announced he’ll be bringing legal action against additional networks as well. The specific networks in question have yet to be announced.

However, NBC News, the New York Times, and MSNBC are just a handful of outlets that have openly targeted the former president and his supporters.

In the weeks and months ahead, Americans can expect to learn more about how Trump’s lawsuit against CNN pans out.

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