Chinese Spy-Ready Smart Devices Sold On Military Bases

It is no secret that Chinese Communists control everything from tech manufacturers to social media platforms within the country. Now it is revealed that smart devices produced under their control with potential surveillance capabilities are directly sold on U.S. military bases.

A shocking report by The National Pulse showed that smart TVs preloaded with the capability to glean massive amounts of personal data are in the homes of military personnel and millions of other Americans.

With the technology already built into the devices, information can be collected and transmitted directly to the CCP in mainland China.

The National Interest reports that two smart television brands on the U.S. market, TCL and Hisense, are Chinese government-owned manufacturers “under control of the Qingdao and Guangdong governments, respectively.”

According to SEC filings, TCL is directly owned by the Huizhou Municipal Government.

A quick visit to the Army and Air Force Exchange Service website, which is the dominant retailer on American armed forces bases globally, shows alarming results. No less than 14 Hisense smart TVs and four TCL models are for sale to service members.

There are eight Hisense TV models listed on the Navy Exchange Service Command along with three Hisense Bluetooth sound bars. This site also sells merchandise for the U.S. Marine Corps.

Further, TVs manufactured and sold on the mainland are known to scan for devices connected to a home’s Wi-Fi network every 10 minutes and gather information. Even Chinese users have voiced anger at what they feel is “spying” by the government.

These TVs, branded as Skyworth, are also sold in the U.S.

Not only is the capability to gather and send information directly to China built into these smart devices, the manufacturers are not making even the slightest attempt to hide it.

The Hisense Smart TV Privacy Policy, which is posted on the company website, clearly declares the company transmits private user information to China. Similar statements are found in the Hisense Smart Appliances Privacy Policy and the TCL Privacy Policy.

It is reasonable to believe that the U.S. military would be wise to look into and possibly cease offering smart devices to military personnel that contains direct digital links to China.

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