China Is Working To Overtake The United States

Under the Biden administration, China is being emboldened and empowered at our own country’s expense.

Just months ago, the president happily allowed the Chinese communist regime to receive US strategic petroleum reserves. These are emergency oil supplies, not handouts for the president to give out to nations that despise America.

At the same time, the Clinton Foundation is being aided by the Gates Foundation as it works to give China a leg-up on controlling healthcare supplies. If this wasn’t bad enough, the electric vehicles that Biden and Democrats want Americans to rely on, which will lead to a dependence on parts that China has exclusive access to.

Sadly, it gets even worse. In real-time, the Chinese communist regime is setting up police stations all over the world, one of which is currently in America.

A Threat to National Security
China’s cover story for worldwide police stations claims they’re designed to push back on scams and other security issues by Chinese citizens in other countries. In other words, China wants the rest of the world to think these stations are just about protecting its own version of law and order.

Unfortunately for the communist nation, this story just doesn’t hold water. China has a longstanding history of using threats, intimidation, and spying tactics to achieve its ends.

The regime has been known to use the kids or other relatives of suspects in order to control suspects overseas. China’s also shown a consistent disregard for due process rights, along with ignoring already established extradition arrangements.

News of a Chinese police station in the United States rightfully sends up alarm bells and raises questions about how else China may try to exert control. Already, the country has been caught buying large swaths of American farmland.

Silence From the Biden Administration
As China moves in on the United States, there has yet to be a formal statement from the White House concerning this police station.

Then again, Biden and his family are well-known to have years of business arrangements with elites within the Chinese government.

This, alone, has led to speculations about whether the current administration is incentivized to put China’s best interests above our own.

With China acquiring US farmland and not setting up a US-based police station, there’s no telling what the communist regime may try next. The Biden administration owes Americans answers.

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