China Grapples With Respiratory Disease Requiring Additional Fever Clinics

History repeats itself once again as China grips against a new respiratory disease a year before a presidential election in the U.S. is set to take place.

China’s health ministry recently issued a dire warning to local authorities to increase the number of fever clinics in the country amid an increase in cases surrounding the respiratory illness, as reported by Newsmax.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern over the surge in China. The international government asked China questions surrounding the new illness, citing a report of the respiratory disease in children by the Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases.

When the COVID-19 pandemic first arose in Wuhan, China, the world was kept behind the scenes on information about the pandemic, known only by China and the WHO. Questions have resurfaced as to whether the country and the international body will once again keep the world in the dark regarding the new respiratory disease that is taking China by storm.

The WHO recently said new pathogens have been detected in the respiratory illness.

A spokesperson for the National Health Commission, Mi Feng, explained that the increase in cases surrounding the respiratory disease was linked to multiple pathogens, most predominantly influenza.

“Efforts should be made to increase the number of relevant clinics and treatment areas, appropriately extend service hours, and strengthen guarantees of drug supplies,” Feng said during a news conference.

“It is necessary to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control in key crowded places such as schools, childcare institutions, and nursing homes, and to reduce the flow of people and visits,” the spokesperson added.

Cases among children have mostly surged in Chinese cities such as Beijing and the Liaoning province, according to Newsmax.

China’s cabinet, the State Council, recently revealed that there would be a surge in influenza going into spring 2024 and that mycoplasma pneumonia infection would remain at its peak in some areas across the country. The State Council also warned that COVID-19 could make a return.

“All localities should strengthen information reporting on infectious diseases to ensure information is reported in a timely and accurate manner,” the government body said in a statement.

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