Carlson Hails RFK Jr.’s Challenge Of Vaccines, Big Pharma

In the face of a medical establishment widely perceived as inflexible and unresponsive to criticism, Tucker Carlson and Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are taking a stand. On the Thursday evening installment of “Tucker on Twitter,” Carlson lauded RFK Jr.’s mission to question the dominant narrative and the “established science.”

Carlson offered a scathing review of the U.S. medical establishment in his commentary. Thursday’s monologue, titled “Ep. 6 Bobby Kennedy is winning,” had received more than 17.8 million views by Friday morning. Carlson described Kennedy’s long-standing defiance against mainstream medical narratives. RFK Jr., despite being the target of widespread media disdain, has persisted in questioning the official “science,” fostering an aggressive reaction from many inside the medical, media and government establishments.

In a vivid analogy, Carlson compared the current American situation to a smoke-filled airplane cabin. With leaders insisting that there is no fire and nothing wrong and anyone daring to mention it being labeled a spreader of misinformation, Carlson has positioned Kennedy as the courageous passenger who refuses to stop asking questions.

The medical establishment, Carlson maintains, “has beclowned itself for all time.” By disconnecting itself from “legitimate science,” he argues, it has abandoned reason in favor of practices akin to witchcraft.

While Carlson and Kennedy take up arms against a seemingly intransigent establishment, the frontline of this battle has shifted to the Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan, Elon Musk and others recently challenged vaccine scientist Dr. Peter Hotez to a public debate on the Rogan podcast with Kennedy. Despite an onslaught of six-figure charitable offers, Hotez has steadfastly declined, raising questions about his confidence in his stance and the resilience of the establishment he represents.

In response to Hotez’s refusal, Kennedy’s campaign said, “People like Dr. Hotez who harangue the public about the safety and efficacy of Covid vaccines should be prepared to defend their views in public as well. The American people deserve to hear both sides make their case.” The campaign’s assertive stance emphasizes the urgency for a public debate on vaccine safety and efficacy.

Aaron Rodgers, a famous NFL quarterback, has joined the chorus of voices supporting Kennedy’s cause, challenging Hotez’s reluctance to engage in a public debate. Rodgers has asserted his belief that RFK Jr. would “mop the floor” with Hotez, pointing to a rising skepticism toward the medical establishment.

As Tucker Carlson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. continue their mission to question blind faith in the mainstream narrative, their endeavor echoes a broader national discontent. The refusal of corporate media darlings like Hotez to engage in public debate not only underscores the rigidity of the establishment but also heightens the skepticism of those who believe that open dialogue is the best way to uncover the truth.

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