Carlson Blasts Obvious Bias Of Trump Grand Jury Foreperson

The foreperson of the Georgia grand jury investigating President Donald Trump has cast doubt on the fairness of the process with a series of bizarre media appearances this week. Tucker Carlson and Charlie Hurt blasted the foreperson, Emily Kohrs, on the Wednesday broadcast of Carlson’s Fox News show. The pair criticized Kohrs for her glee and coyness during these interviews.

Carlson warned that “partisan prosecutors” were using the legal system to prevent Trump from running for president again in 2024. He said that regardless of one’s political views, using the legal system for partisan purposes should concern everyone who values democracy.

Hurt, opinion editor at The Washington Times, also criticized Kohrs’ behavior, pointing out that grand juries should operate secretly. He said that her openness raises questions about what else is going on behind closed doors.

Kohrs’ behavior during her media interviews has prompted backlash across the political spectrum. On CNN, Anderson Cooper and legal analyst Elie Honig called her interviews a “prosecutor’s nightmare.” Liberal co-hosts of ABC’s “The View” worried that Kohrs’ media tour could “destroy” the case against Trump.

During her interviews, Kohrs repeatedly hinted that indictments likely resulted from the grand jury’s investigations and expressed excitement about confronting President Trump.

She revealed that she wanted to subpoena Trump, not because she had any personal grudge against him, but because she would have loved to swear him in. When asked by the media about the investigation, Kohrs appeared excited about the process, describing it as “amazing.” Still, she expressed concern about the outcome, saying she would be sad if nothing happened after all the time and effort everyone had invested in the investigation.

She also revealed that Trump’s name was mentioned frequently during the grand jury proceedings, leading to speculation about whether he will be indicted. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution noted that she “rolled her eyes and then burst out laughing” when asked about Trump’s claim that he would be exonerated.

Even though she insisted that she must decline to reveal specific details, Kohrs insisted that the jury’s findings wouldn’t be a “shocker” to anyone who had followed the story.

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