Californians Responding To COVID Surge With Little Interest

Progressive California is seeing residents respond to a recent surge in COVID-19 cases with little concern or urgency in what some call a “pandemic fatigue.”

For Golden Staters who aren’t exhausted with being concerned about the coronavirus, few are rushing to blame Washington, D.C., for the onset of new cases, perhaps because the White House is occupied now by a Democrat rather than President Donald Trump.

Nonetheless, the Biden administration has worked hard to deflect blame for the increasing case numbers. The White House is mostly pointing at Congress – led by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) – for failing to include money for COVID-19 testing and treatments in the trillions of free-spending it has overseen for the last two years.

Since Biden assumed office, the corporate media has also shown less enthusiasm for pumping up COVID hysteria. The ultra-liberal San Francisco Chronicle believes that the lackluster response is because of apathy. The paper blames citizens for not taking vaccines and masks as seriously as they once did.

The Chronicle wrote on Sunday that even though the Bay Area remains a “conscientious region, vigilance hasn’t lasted.” It said that the “emergence of vaccines and better COVID treatments,” along with the loosening of mask mandates and business lockdowns, has caused the “public approach to the coronavirus to become more laissez-faire.”

The paper dismissed the less aggressive government response as the “figure it out yourself era of the pandemic.”

The Chronicle also amazingly says that at this point of the COVID-19 experience, people are still poorly informed about the availability of experimental vaccines. It claims that “without a strong marketing push and government resources put into distribution, many Americans are unaware of the booster’s benefits, or even its existence.”

Los Angeles County has seen the positivity rate for COVID-19 infection among those tested hold at around 10% this month, off only slightly from a 12% peak last month. Hospitalization and death rates in the nation’s most populous county remain high after Thanksgiving. In addition, the just concluded Christmas holiday weekend is expected to lead to increased cases there.

Although county officials are warning that a renewed indoor mask mandate might be coming, most residents and media members have shown little interest in blaming the Biden White House for the increased risk of infection.


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