Border Crisis ‘Major Disaster,’ Food Supply At Risk

After two years of claiming that the border is secure, President Biden finally trekked down to El Paso. Ironically, the streets – once loaded with homeless migrants – were no longer full of encampments.

Biden’s entire trip seemed sanitized. He didn’t go to any checkpoints where migrants cross the Rio Grande and wait in line to be allowed into the U.S. He walked along an area away from those checkpoints with a mixed bag of Congresspeople. Biden failed to address an increasing suicide rate among border agents, and he failed to visit any of the processing centers.

Many Americans on both sides of the political aisle have blamed Biden for the explosion of migrants on the Southern border. Whether it be lax policy or simply tying the hands of the border patrol, migrant crossings are up exponentially. As a result, major cities along the border are seeing their resources withering away.

Some are saying that the food supply in these cities could be at risk as well.

As many as five million migrants have crossed into the United States via the Southern border (which encompasses Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico). With that astronomical number, many conservatives say that every state is now a border state. Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs (D) is currently bussing migrants out of her state in response.

In Yuma, Arizona, there are at least 500 crossings per day.

Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines told Fox News Digital that the current policies must be changed. He compared the amount of migrants coming across the border during Biden’s two years in office to the presidents who had held office for three decades prior, saying there is an “unprecedented amount . . . superseding what we saw under any other presidents for the past 30 years.”

Lines also related there has been a 171% increase in the number of migrant encounters in 2022 alone. In addition, many of the migrants have inferred that they believed President Biden “told” them to come to the United States.

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