Blinken Dismisses Saudis Distancing From US, Cites Other Alliances

Appearing for an interview with Fox News State Department Correspondent Benjamin Hall for an episode of Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” on Monday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken claimed he is “open to” China or other countries, “engaging in responsible efforts to try to advance peace” in Ukraine and reacted to foreign nations such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and India seemingly moving away from the U.S. and towards China by arguing that “what we’re seeing with core partners in Europe and in Asia is much greater convergence than I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s very interesting to see President Xi talking to Zelensky recently, and there are Chinese diplomats going to Ukraine at the moment. Are you open to China becoming the peacemaker here?” Hall asked Blinken.

“I think we’re open to any country engaging in responsible efforts to try to advance peace,” Blinken began in his answer. “And that begins with a couple of things: It begins, first of all, with a recognition…that what’s fundamentally at stake is the territorial integrity and sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. So, any peace agreement has to have that as its foundation. It’s also very important that anyone who’s engaging in efforts to advance peace be talking directly to the Ukrainians. They’re the aggrieved party.”

During the same conversation, Hall pressed Blinken on any potential involvement he may have had with the Hunter Biden ‘disinformation’ letter, a writeup in which 51 so-called “intel experts” falsely claimed that a laptop belonging to Joe Biden’s son is not in fact is, but rather is ‘Russian disinformation.’

“One of the great benefits of this job is that I-uh don’t do politics, and-uh don’t-uh don’t engage in it,” responded Blinken, apparently forgetting that his own U.S. State Department biography writes that he has assisted in influencing U.S. foreign policy for over 30 years, working between three presidential administrations.

Following a talk about the rivalry between the U.S. and China, Hall posed, “Many countries, though, who would once have been firmly on the U.S. side are now in the middle. You look at Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, perhaps, India, not really coming onto the side of the U.S. That is worrying. That says a lot about that they believe this is more equal than it used to be.”

Blinken replied, “First, as I said, what we’re seeing with core partners in Europe and in Asia is much greater convergence than I’ve ever seen.”

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