Biden’s COVID vax ’emergency temporary standards’ may give Trump the last laugh

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Today’s 1/6 “insurrection” histrionics are more than political theater.

They’re just another skirmish in a political war that’s been going on in the American Republic since the mid–19th century and is now culminating in a federal power grab more unprecedented than the Great Society, the New Deal, and perhaps even the Civil War.

Barack Obama’s 2008 election was the 21st-century coup de grâce in this sesquicentennial trench warfare against Jeffersonian autonomy. Obama’s presidency ended with the 2016 election, but the oligarchy he left behind him was what governance looked like after the ruling class that created the Obama myth, and twice sold it to a culturally deracinated electorate, had used it to guillotine the Republic’s already dethroned Constitution.

That post-Obama oligarchy generated the pathological enmity that greeted Donald Trump’s 2016 election and relentlessly hounded him throughout his first term. Obama’s Deep State realized that eight years of a Trump presidency would banish it from the corridors of national power it had so insidiously infiltrated during its postmodern Robespierre’s eight-year presidency. Thus, the political priority became — at all costs — subverting Trump’s first term and preventing his second term by electing an Obama proxy in 2020. And that’s exactly what the Deep State accomplished, with a quadrennial hoax of Russian collusion, two impeachments (one with only a week left in Trump’s presidency!), every other calumny the Deep State could disingenuously devise, and an expedient national pandemic. Ergo, the epsilon-minus semi-moron — formerly Obama’s white political spittoon — who’s now president of the United States.

Consider just two political debaucheries at the American Republic’s Cabaret de la Guillotine: Obama’s Affordable Care Act and Biden’s COVID vaccination “emergency temporary standards.”

Obama’s Affordable Care Act was neither affordable nor caring. It was, in fact, the federal government unconstitutionally forcing American citizens to buy a product most of them didn’t want to buy.

And Biden’s COVID vaccination mandate is neither an emergency nor temporary. It is, in fact, the federal government even more unconstitutionally forcing American citizens to inject into their very bodies a genetic agent at least 100 million of them don’t want to inject into their bodies.

If the federal government can force American citizens to buy medical insurance they don’t want, then it can presumably force them to buy virtually anything they don’t want to buy.

And if the federal government can force American citizens to inject into their very bodies a genetic agent they don’t want, then it can presumably force them to do virtually anything they don’t want to do to their bodies.

Obama’s Affordable Care Act blatantly violated the U.S. Constitution’s grant of power to the Legislative Branch of the Republic’s governance, but at least it had a statutory patina as well as the judicial whitewash John Roberts provided by changing its “purchase” to a “tax” (the latter an unconstitutional Judicial Branch exercise of legislative power compounding an unconstitutional Legislative Branch exercise of legislative power).

But Biden’s COVID vaccination mandate has neither a statutory nor a judicial nor any other patina of legitimacy. It doesn’t even rise to the questionable legitimacy of an executive order, and the best euphemism for this astonishingly unconstitutional misuse of executive power Obama’s Deep State can come up with is an “executive temporary standard.” What? The Federal Government can now force 100 million Americans to inject an unwanted genetic agent into their bodies by nothing more than something termed an “executive temporary standard”?

Well, then, if, say, masculinity were to become too toxic for the nation’s general welfare to any longer bear, why couldn’t the federal government also force 100 million or so American citizens to undergo androgen-deprivation therapy? I mean, what would ever again be a bridge too far for the federal government’s executive action?

Fortunately, Trump’s nomination — despite the subversion of his presidency — of three subsequently appointed conservative Supreme Court justices will almost certainly afford him the last laugh here because the Supreme Court is — as we speak — giving expedited consideration of a legal challenge to Biden’s “executive temporary standards” brought by 27 states and an assortment of private businesses, religious groups, and national industry representatives. Despite Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and perhaps even Judas Roberts himself, Trump’s Supreme Court legacy should see the nation through Biden’s unparalleled Deep State parade to the Place de la Révolution.

If not, this may well become Jeffersonian autonomy’s 21st-century Reign of Terror.

And we all know what happened after the French monarchy’s Reign of Terror: L’empereur.

Biden’s no Bonaparte, but who knows what may succeed him in a Republic finally unanchored from the rule of law?