Biden Will Not Answer For Money Given To Taliban

Last year, Joe Biden recklessly pulled American troops out of Afghanistan, despite the advice from some of his own military experts. Biden did this without even making sure that US citizens and allies were first safely evacuated.

This botched withdrawal subsequently led to 13 military soldiers dying at the bombed Kabul airport. During the funeral for these troops, Biden caught heat for repeatedly checking the time on his watch.

In the aftermath of the withdrawal, Biden not only called the whole process a “success,” but he also handed over millions in cash and weaponry to the Taliban. As the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) seeks more critical information, the Biden administration is not cooperating.

What Does the Biden Administration Have to Hide?
SIGAR recently reached out to the International Development Agency and US Treasury Department to ascertain the use of over $1 billion that the Biden administration left to a Taliban-led Afghanistan.

Both of these agencies continue to stonewall, despite the vital role SIGAR plays in overseeing America’s rebuilding operations in Afghanistan. In a report, SIGAR revealed Biden’s non-cooperation marks the first time that the body has not been able to fully account for federal spending.

The International Development Agency and Treasury Department claim the information requested by SIGAR goes beyond the group’s jurisdiction. Yet, history and legal precedent indicates otherwise.

Previous administrations, Republican and Democratic alike, have worked with SIGAR, rather than refusing to be forthcoming. The irony in this coming from the same administration that promised full transparency less than two years ago also cannot be missed.

A Need For More Accountability
If the Biden administration is not going to work with SIGAR and be upfront about over $1 billion handed to the Taliban, this warrants a federal investigation.

Should Republicans win the midterms as expected, they can launch a formal congressional probe into US spending in Afghanistan. Time and time again, the Biden administration acts like it is above the law and then lies about it when put under pressure.

On foreign policy and national security, Biden continues to drop the ball. The United States cannot afford another two years of Congress backing up this administration as it lies, conceals information and then gaslights Americans.

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