Biden Tries To Steal Spotlight From Trump

Earlier this week, former President Trump formally declared his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election. This announcement arrived after much anticipation and to the joy of Trump’s supporters.

Naturally, news of Trump declaring his candidacy went viral during and after its occurrence. Nearly every media outlet in the country covered this, captivating Americans’ attention.

The nationwide spotlight directed at Trump is something that Joe Biden did not like. This explains why Biden chose to deliver a foreign policy speech of his own, minutes before Trump was set to make his announcement.

Biden’s Grasp For More Attention
On Tuesday night, the president’s speech centered around missiles that unexpectedly hit Poland’s border in the east. According to Biden, these missiles do not appear to have come from Russia, despite the Polish government’s claims to the contrary.

Using flashcards, Biden informed Americans that our government is going to investigate the particulars of these missile strikes to learn more information. He also suggested that the findings could determine any reactions from our nation’s government going forward.

Interestingly enough, the attack on Poland’s border was also brought up by Trump. Per the former president, it is very likely that Russia is the culprit.

Biden’s focus on Poland’s border comes as our country’s own border is being overrun with illegal immigration, human trafficking, and drug trafficking. For nearly two years, Biden has sat on this issue, watched it fester, and yet failed to take effective action.

A Failed Attempt
Biden’s efforts to distract the country from Trump’s presidential announcement did not go over the way he intended.

As the former president confirmed that he will run for the GOP nomination in 2024, he also pointed out the serious problems with Biden’s involvement in foreign policy. Trump specifically referenced the current president nodding off during critical international meetings.

This is a concern widely shared by the American public as well. Because of how Biden frequently conducts himself on the world stage, he makes the United States look weak and vulnerable.

It has been speculated that Biden’s previous foreign policy failures — such as the horrific withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan in 2021 — played a role in Russia’s decision to strike Ukraine back in February.

Finally, one must note that when Trump was president, Russia was never this reckless.

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