Biden: ‘She was 12 and I was 30’

During a speech attempting to push back against Republican messaging ahead of the midterm elections, President Joe Biden stopped mid-speech to make a disturbing comment.

While speaking at the National Education Association headquarters in Washington, D.C., the president interrupted his speech to acknowledge a woman in the audience — making a bizarre statement that left his supporters and critics confused and concerned.

“But guess what, we got a lot to do. You gotta say hi to me,” Biden said, stopping his speech to address someone in the audience.

“We go back a long way. She was 12, I was 30, but anyway,” he continued, shockingly eliciting laughter and applause from the crowd.

“This woman helped me get an awful lot done, but anyway,” Biden added before giving the rest of his speech.

While the union teachers attending the event laughed at his comments, critics took to social media to point out that this is just another example of Biden’s creepy behavior and remarks.

Journalist and commentator Benny Johnson shared a clip of the president’s comments, garnering over 2.6 million views on Twitter.

“Biden STUNS crowd into utter bewilderment after saying most CREEPY thing he may EVER said,” Johnson tweeted.

Podcast host Monica Crowley also responded to Biden’s remarks, tweeting: “As dementia progresses, patients lose more of their filter and tend to blurt out the truth.”

Conservative YouTubers The Hodge Twins commented on the remarks, writing: “Biden’s handlers are cringing after this one. #creepyjoe.”

NewsBusters executive producer Tim Graham said: “Why Biden frustrates handlers. (‘You know the right-wingers are going to tweet ‘did he sniff her hair then?’)”

This is just the latest in a long line of Biden’s disturbing behavior, as the president has a penchant for making bizarre comments, as well as inappropriately touching and even sniffing women and children — which has earned him the Republican nickname “Creepy Joe.” His actions are so blatantly inappropriate that there are entire YouTube compilations of different instances of this behavior.

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