Biden Places Gag Order On Officials From The Border To Suppress The Migrant Crisis

The Biden administration warned on Monday that those at Customs and Border Protection couldn’t share information about illegal border crossings at the southern border without approval from DHS.

Reportedly, the gag order is a response to the possible end of Title 42, a rule that allowed agents to turn away illegal immigrants because of the pandemic during the Trump administration. The Biden administration knows the end of Title 42 will worsen the border crisis, so the move makes sense because Democrats want to keep Americans in the dark and avoid actually fixing it.

As tens of thousands of migrants mass at the southern border, the Biden administration’s directive specifically bans CBP officials from sharing data.

The message is supposed to stop routine reports of migrant apprehensions at the southern border, says an anonymous source. In most cases, Border Patrol chief patrol agents share information about migration numbers via social media and statements to journalists.

In an unprecedented move, the directive was circulated on Monday and became effective immediately.

The order was titled “DHS OPA guidance on social media coordination for the lifting of Title 42.” Later clarifications imposed a ban on direct communication with outlets and platforms regarding the release of migrant apprehension statistics without DHS approval. DHS OPA stands for the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Public Affairs.

The Supreme Court ordered that Title 42 stay in place temporarily on Monday instead of expiring on Dec. 21. Within the next few days, the Supreme Court will take up the matter and decide the rule’s future. Illegal immigration could spike further if Title 42 is repealed.

During the Biden administration’s latest fiscal year, 2.4 million migration encounters were recorded. Vice President Kamala Harris blamed Republicans for the border crisis, even though the president dubbed her “border czar.”

With Biden’s administration currently battling speech suppression and a border crisis more severe than any other, it is no surprise that he would call to keep the Border Patrol agents’ mouths closed. After all, Democrats need to appear to be doing something right. If Democrats can’t show proof of improvement, the easiest option is to suppress reality.

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