Biden On Visiting The Border: ‘There Are More Important Things Going On’

President Joe Biden will be making a visit to Arizona on Tuesday. But let’s not get confused about the purpose of his visit. He’s there to celebrate the manufacturing boom he’s taking credit for, not to assess the damage he’s done with our open border.

A reporter asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday if the President will be visiting the border while he was in the border state. That’s a legitimate question. If he’s already there, why wouldn’t the president swing through, considering the backlash he’s received over his lack of care?

Apparently, he only takes credit for policies that make him look good.

Jean-Pierre said she wanted to make it clear that the president’s trip was about his manufacturing boom and then detailed his “success”.

Once it was clear that this particular trip would not include a trip to the actual border, an another reporter asked if he would make a trip to the border in the new year.

Jean-Pierre replied, “What are congressional Republicans going to do to actually deal with this issue, instead of doing political stunts?”

It’s difficult for Jean-Pierre to talk about policies that are clearly failing so she resorted to the democrat’s two favorite tactics for squirming out of tough questions: shifting blame and lying.

Peter Doocy of Fox News made her use the same two tactics last week when he stated the president had never been to the border and she blatantly lied to the public in her response saying that he had. She must not have gotten the memo that no one bought that lie because she doubled down on it and said it again on Monday.

To Jean-Pierre, the question seems irritating and irrelevant. But the truth is that Americans want answers. The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) reported over 230,000 border encounters in October alone, setting an all-time record.

Fox News reported that the fiscal 2022 year ended with 2,378,944 migrant encounters, the highest ever recorded in a fiscal year. That figure does not include the 599,000 known “gotaways” that CBP sources told Fox News had evaded capture over the same period.

The president was asked on Tuesday as he boarded Marine One why he wouldn’t be visiting the border during his visit to Arizona. “There are more important things going on,” he responded.

Exceptional leaders recognize failures as well as successes; it’s crystal clear what type of “leader” Americans have.

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