Biden Mocks Reporters For Doing Their Job

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden mocked reporters for trying to ask him questions following his meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog.

Reporters, who have not had many opportunities to question the president, naturally shouted questions at the close of the meeting between Biden and Herzog.

As Herzog concluded the meeting by thanking Biden, a roar of questions erupted from the press gallery.

The two leaders sat awkwardly and silently amid the clamor of questions, making it clear that they did not intend to answer.

The reporters, undeterred, persisted with questions as the two presidents remained seated and looked around the room.

Then Biden looked to his left, where it seemed the questions were coming from. As the journalists continued to shout, Biden looked at them with a smirk, then nodded his head up and down while mouthing words in a gesture seemingly intended to parrot the reporters.

He stopped briefly, then did it again, before turning toward Herzog, laughing, and giving the media a slight wave.

The move is being seen by many as condescending and particularly inappropriate considering the president’s unwillingness to hold regular press conferences.

On Wednesday, a reporter begged White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to get Biden to hold a press conference.

“Is this administration at all concerned that the scarcity of press conferences by this president has in any way led to some of the misinformation that has been out in the public, and can we please get him in here?” the reporter asked.

Jean-Pierre responded by talking around the point, and would not commit the president to a press conference.

“I mean, look, I understand the question, you guys have to ask the question about press conferences, duly noted, and so we, again, I appreciate the question,” Jean-Pierre replied. “But the president, he literally took questions while he was getting a needle in his arm yesterday.”

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