Biden Claims The Economy ‘Strong as Hell’

Speaking with reporters during a visit to an ice cream shop, President Joe Biden bragged that the economy was “strong as hell” under his presidency.

During a Saturday campaign trip to Portland, Oregon, Biden decided to stop at Baskin-Robbins to grab some ice cream.

While he was there, Biden spoke with reporters, and tried to claim that the economy was doing well under his administration.

“Our economy is strong as hell — the internals of it,” the president asserted.

As he ate his ice cream cone, Biden expressed optimism about the current economic conditions — despite skyrocketing inflation, record-high gas prices and a recession.

While the president acknowledged inflation, he falsely claimed that it was worse everywhere else in the world.

“Inflation is worldwide. It’s worse off everywhere else than it is in the United States,” Biden incorrectly stated.

According to a Pew Research Center analysis from June, inflation in the U.S. is worse than in several other major countries — including Germany, Canada, France, Mexico and China.

Reporters questioned Biden about whether he was concerned about the strength of the U.S. dollar, the president dismissed the issue — saying that he is “not concerned” about it, and was instead “concerned about the rest of the world.”

“I’m not concerned about the strength of the dollar. I’m concerned about the rest of the world. Does that make sense?” he asked.

Biden then chose to blame other countries, saying that they don’t have good enough economic policies to improve their own economies.

“The problem is the lack of economic growth and sound policy in other countries, not so much ours,” the president said. “And that’s having, it’s worldwide inflation, and it’s consequential.”

His trip to Portland, Oregon, was part of an effort to campaign for Tina Kotek — the Democratic gubernatorial candidate who is potentially in danger of losing to her Republican opponent, Christine Drazan. Oregon, which is known to be a blue state, hasn’t had a Republican governor since Victor Atiyeh left office in 1987.

Biden claimed that Kotek is “going to win,” adding: “I really do. I think people are going to show up and vote.”

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