Biden administration ‘helps’ America ‘achieve’ energy dependence

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In the latest example of political theater (or utter imbecility), President Joe Biden recently directed the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate oil and gas companies to determine whether “illegal conduct” might be to blame for the surging gasoline prices taking a chunk out of Americans’ pocketbooks.

If Biden is truly concerned about surging prices and companies potentially making too much profit off their widely used products, perhaps he and his administration should sic his government on Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna instead of lying in bed with them. Is illegal conduct to blame for the vaccine manufacturers making over $1,000 every second? If there is any illegal conduct to be blamed, it is Brandon’s Biden’s.

It’s pathetically hilarious that Biden is casting aspersions on Big Oil now. Democrats always used to claim that Big Oil arbitrarily jacked up gas prices when their Republican friends were in power. Yet gas prices were historically low under the Trump administration and are now skyrocketing under Biden.

Every sentient and economically literate being knows that gas prices are rising because Biden himself has canceled and shut down pipelines and because he and his puppet-masters are threatening to ban the energy extraction industry in its entirety. When you cancel pipelines, ban carbon-based energy exploration, threaten fracking, refuse to build new nuclear power plants, demonize clean coal and even natural gas, sign on to ridiculous “Climate Accords,” and waste trillions of dollars on “renewable energy” subsidies, there is literally no other possible result.

One is tempted to ask, “Can’t you even figure that out, Sherlock?” But the real tragedy is that those in control of Biden do know exactly what they are doing. They are deliberately trying to knock America down a peg. Moreover, they now know a good crisis — or two or three — will scare Americans into letting them get away with anything…allowing them to stay in power.

Even if they still occasionally try to hide that fact.