Biden Admin Addresses Fuel Shortages by Banning New Oil, Gas Leases on NM Federal Land

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Fuel prices are one of the causes of the Biden inflation surge that is reducing the spending power of Americans. The price of crude oil has surged 104% over the past year, and gasoline prices have increased by over 60%. This means that people are not only paying more for their personal fuel needs, but also for other items they need to buy that require energy to manufacture and/or transport—which is basically everything.

The Biden Administration has been begging OPEC+ nations to up their oil production, hoping they will increase the market supply and lower prices. But the oil-producing cartel has rebuffed their pleas, choosing instead to stick to its own schedule and delay output increases until December.

“OPEC+ seems unwilling to use the capacity and power it has now at this critical moment of global recovery for countries around the world,” stated a National Security Council spokesperson to FOX Business.

How cruel! Can you imagine having the ability to relieve the inflation and economic pain being suffered by millions of people, yet refusing to use your power to help? What heartless governing body would do such a thing?

If you guessed the Biden Administration, you win a cigar!

“The Department of Interior will initiate a review of a rule banning new oil and gas development within a 10-mile radius near the Chaco Culture National Historical Park over the next two decades,” reports the Daily Caller. “The decision was made after Pueblos and other Native American tribes in Arizona and New Mexico made objections to drilling that they said encroached upon sacred and cultural sites in the area.”

Other helpful Biden administration energy policies include moving to shut down a pipeline to the St. Louis region just as cold winter weather settles in, sitting on its thumb as a radical environmentalist group blocks an in-progress gas and oil development project in Alaska, and laying the groundwork for shutting down a major pipeline to the upper midwest.

Joe would rather make America energy dependent on an oil-producing conglomeration that includes Iran, Russia, and Venezuela. On top of the security nightmare this will create, Biden prefers to expend the additional energy that will be required to ship and truck massive amounts of crude to the states; so much for protecting the environment. But in Brandon World, destructive energy policies are preferable to letting Americans continue the glorious energy independence we had achieved under the previous administration.

Let’s go, Brandon.