As Trudeau Vacations In Jamaica, Poor Canadians Seek Euthanasia

During a Global News interview, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talked about poverty-stricken Canadians. Meanwhile, citizens of the country turned to food banks to ask for food assistance and government-assisted suicide to ease their suffering.

Canada’s inflation crisis has worsened. Lower and middle-class workers can’t keep up with rising costs as inflation and interest rates spike. A family of four in Ottawa spends around $1000 a month on food and $2000 on rent. People struggling most are turning to Canada’s physician-assisted suicide laws for help because they cannot afford rising expenses.

A revised medical assistance in dying (MAID) law took effect March 17, 2021, in Canada. Among the updated provisions of the law are changes to eligibility, procedural safeguards, and the federal data collection and reporting framework.

Legislation passed by Parliament made significant changes to who can receive medical assistance in dying and the assessment process. The changes went into effect immediately and became available to more people than ever before. As a result, even healthy Canadians believe they should have access to MAID.

During a video interview with Global News, Justin Trudeau was confronted with a story about multiple food bank recipients asking about government-sponsored suicide. His response is typical for a politician — pretending to have a general concern and promising to “step up” and help impoverished people.

After the interviewer brought the crisis up, Trudeau responded, “it’s heartbreaking, and it deepens my resolve to do everything I can to be there for people.” Then, after a stutter, the prime minister blamed inflation as a global phenomenon.

Immediately after the interview, Trudeau took a wonderful family vacation to Jamaica to enjoy life’s pleasures. The display of concern following a fancy trip mimics the 2019 Costa Rica vacation Trudeau took that cost Canadian taxpayers nearly $200,000 in flight costs. The vacation costs sound like money that could help families in need who are turning to life-ending measures as a way out of the prime minister’s policies.

After all, Trudeau’s oppressive and over-extended pandemic restrictions caused the economic decline. Trudeau tried to blame the war in Ukraine for the inflation crisis, but it started long before the war. His authoritarian policies, supply chain disruptions, and higher inflation caused financial troubles for millions of Canadians.

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