Arizona Lawmaker Predicts Trump ‘Will Be Our President Again’

Although former President Donald Trump has not yet made it official, many GOP insiders believe it is just a matter of time before he announces his intention to run again in 2024.

One of his supporters in the Arizona Senate recently weighed in on the matter with her take on his chances of serving a second term in the White House.

In an interview with Gateway Pundit, state Sen. Wendy Rogers cited the excitement of Trump voters — particularly in contrast with President Joe Biden’s anemic support — as evidence that he is in a prime position to win the upcoming presidential race.

“That tells you that President Trump is a tour de force,” she said. “He is the leader of the America First movement.”

Rogers went on to express her gratitude for Trump’s backing, noting that he has racked up an impressive string of primary victories among candidates who have received his endorsement.

The Washington Examiner determined as of Aug. 29 that Trump’s endorsement record included 214 primary wins and just 19 losses. When it became clear that all 22 of his endorsed candidates in the recent New York and Florida primaries won their races, Trump wrote on Truth Social: “Looks like a fantastic evening of ALL WINS — Great Candidates!!!

As a result of his dominating influence, Rogers asserted that Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans “are scared to death” of the possibility that he will throw his hat in the ring.

“They’re doing everything they can to marginalize him, discredit him, thwart him,” she said. “But you know what? He just plays chess at such a much higher level. I think he thrives on this.”

Looking ahead to the 2024 race, the Arizona Republican said: “I believe he will run again. I believe he will be our president again.”

Rogers went on to suggest that Biden’s incendiary rhetoric aimed at millions of Trump supporters could backfire on the Democratic Party.

“This is where we are,” she said. “We are the state of Arizona, and as such, we have to stick up for ourselves because, certainly the federal government will not.”

She referenced the “blood-red background” of Biden’s recent speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which she said showed “those of us who love our country that he has no compassion or will to stick up for us.”

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