23 Charged With Domestic Terrorism In Atlanta Riots

Authorities have charged 23 people with domestic terrorism following a night of violent rioting at the proposed site of an Atlanta police training facility.

In a press release on Monday, Atlanta police revealed that they had arrested 23 people for domestic terrorism, only two of which were actually Georgia residents. This is common for leftist riots, as these so-called “activist groups” often rope in leftists from across the country to travel to an area and involve themselves in an issue that does not actually affect them.

However, this specific riot was unique, as three of the domestic terrorists arrested had come from outside of the United States — one from Canada and two from France. Others came from as far away as Arizona, Colorado and Utah.

One of the Georgia residents arrested during the riots was 28-year-old Thomas Webb Jurgens — a staff attorney at the Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-wing organization that is known for spewing lies about conservatives and has been used by the FBI to target Christian and conservative organizations as “hate groups.”

The domestic terrorists that were arrested could also face federal charges as the investigation proceeds, according to the FBI.

During a press conference on Sunday evening, Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum stated that the anti-police protesters were attending an event near the training facility — but some of them decided to leave the event “and at about 5:30 p.m. moved toward the training center site armed with fireworks, rocks, Molotov cocktails and launched a coordinated criminal attack against officers at that location.”

According to law enforcement, several pieces of construction equipment were destroyed by the domestic terrorists via fire and vandalism — and 35 people were initially detained.

“Actions such as this will not be tolerated,” Schierbaum stated. “When you attack law enforcement officers, damage equipment, you are breaking the law.

“This was a very violent attack,” he added. “This was not about a public safety training center, this was about anarchy, and this was an attempt to destabilize.”

Atlanta police provided links to footage of the violent riots, including one showing officers retreating behind a fenced area while the domestic terrorists threw fireworks and other objects at them. Another video of the attack showed rioters setting fire to construction equipment and throwing objects at police vehicles.

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr (R) released a statement about the incident on Monday via Twitter.

“What happened [Sunday] night was not [a] peaceful protest, it was violence, plain and simple,” the Republican attorney general wrote. “We will not tolerate this destruction of property, and we will seek to ensure that those who have engaged in this criminal behavior are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

Leftist activists have been rioting at the scene of the $90 million public safety training facility for several months now, referring to the project as “Cop City” and claiming to object to its construction because of environmental concerns — while many have actually admitted that their visceral hatred for police is part of their motivation.

Defend the Atlanta Forest, a social media page used by these leftist activists, sent out a tweet in an attempt to defend the domestic terrorists. The Twitter account falsely claimed that these individuals were attending a music festival nearby and were not at the scene of the riot.

“It’s important to note that the 23 people that police arrested tonight were not ‘violent agitators,’ but peaceful concert goers who were nowhere near the demonstration,” they wrote.

This is just the latest incident of violence from these domestic terrorists — as less than two months ago, 26-year-old rioter Manuel Teran was shot and killed by police after he fired on officers and struck a Georgia state trooper, who survived. According to police, they were attempting to clear the rioters’ occupation of the site when Teran, who went by the name Tortuguita, refused to comply with commands and fired on officers — forcing them to fire back and kill Teran.

His death ultimately sparked more violence from radical leftists, as they rioted in downtown Atlanta — setting a police cruiser on fire and shattering windows on a building that houses the Atlanta Police Foundation.

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